1) Can I use your graphics on my Web Page?

I'm sorry, no. I have put alot of work into these pictures and I need to keep track of them. Once they are on other peoples web sites they then get taken from there etc etc... and then if they are modified, some of me is lost. On occasions I've had my initials removed and someone elses put in their place. So please leave them on my sites. Use a piece of yourself instead a piece of me.

2) Can I hire you to do 3D graphics? Or make requests?

I am an independant artist for hire, modeling for animation, stills, video games etc. But I have to warn you, 3D art this complex can be very expensive and typically only large commerical firms can afford it. Were I to perform all the requests that I recieved for free, I would never have any time to myself B). As much as I like creating, I'm limited by time and cost.

3) Can I make a link to your Web Page?

Yes! You may link to this page B). Always nice to get more recognition, but please rememeber to link to the main page, not to individual images. That'd be almost as bad as putting the images on your own site, but i have to provide the bandwidth as well.

4) Can I use your artwork on my desktop?

Yes you may use my art on your private desktop display at home or work. Just dont start selling it B). I love the fact that people do this, it shows they realy love my work and want to see it constantly.

5) Is there a mailing list for notification of new art?

Yes, I'm starting a mailing list, I've gotten enough requests. If you'de like to be on it, just email me, I'll add you, maybe soon i'll have it automated. B)

6) How do I view the MPEG's?

Mpegs can be viewed by several PD programs including the new Microsoft tools, Vmpeg. I can't really help with Macs since i dont have one.

7) Can we put advertisements on your Web Site?

Sorry, no. These sites are all non-commercial donated web space. I like it that way. This artwork is really for people to enjoy, not my financial profit.

8) What hardware do you use?

My main machine is a Dual PPRo 200 with 64 megs of ram. I have several other pentiums that help keep up the slack, and have had machines come and go on donation when CPU usage is high for big animations.

9) What software do you use?

My main software is Lightwave 3D created by Allen Hastings and Stuart Fergussun for Newtek. With plugin software like GAFFER from Steve Worley and Worley Labs, and various 2D software like Fractal Painter and Photoshop.

10) How long does all this take?

Some of the creatures take me weeks, not just to model and texture, but to create virtual bone structures to move the creature into various positions and animate.

11) How is this created?

These images were created in 3D software akin to what created Jurasic Park and Toy Story, a mixture of design, painting and sculpture. First i create a wireframe of the object in Lightwave Modeler, then i place it in a virtual stage with other props in lightwave layout, add textures, lighting and animation sequences to get the final output.

12) Can I interview you for my class/school?

Yes, I try to answer to all the school interviews. I give answers for all independantly and with as much thought as possible. I welcome them but don't promise a high grade. B)