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0500 CNN Live - Second recorder recovered from Pennsylvania crash at 8:25pm 25 ft. below the surface. in route to NTSB to be analyzed. in fairly good condition.

At least 27 people have been detained on immigration violations. The first arrest has been made officially. One person in custody on a material witness warrant. This is issued when it can be proven that they can possibly give information relating to a case and/or when there is a risk of flight (leaving the country).  

35 search warrants and hundreds of subpoenas have been issued; computers and files have been seized. A list has been released, of 19 people being connected to the hijacking, some of which are directly or indirectly linked to Osama Bin Laden. The FBI has released a list of over 100 names of people they would like to talk to in connection to the investigation.

It's believed that there are over 4,000 bodies remaining in the debris. There is no "real hope" of finding more survivors, but rescue workers are not letting up. The rubble is still smouldering. NYC says that they are not in need of any more volunteers to search the debris, and that they have shifts worked out for the workers.

0520 World Trade Center : 185 dead, 408 groups of body parts, so far; 10,000 bodybags are ready, 4,717 people still missing 

Pentagon deceased updated to 189 instead the initial 190 reported.

Pentagon has planned to call up 35,000 military reserves to put into action at bases around the country, as well as providing security at the nation's ports. They will also help in the cleanup in New York and D.C. ... Volunteers will be requested first, and then reserves called in from an already chosen list. It's possible that as many as 50,000 could be called into service. (source: CNN)

0525 CNN Live - Pakistan pledges to "fully cooperate" with the United States. The U.S. is requesting access to Pakistani airspace.


0135 Two suspected hijackers were under surveillance for the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole (10.00), by the FBI, weeks before the crashes.

Another arrest has been made of a material witness. The count is now at 2 arrests, and at least 25 detained.

Almost 5,000 missing in NYC. (4.972)

A suspected hijacker's passport has been found several blocks from the NYC crash site.

0145 The number of survivors still stands at 5. The number of dead at the Pentagon is 187. 

U.S. airlines are being permitted to fly to international destinations. Some international airlines are being permitted to fly into the United States.

0200 CNN Live - Afghanistan officials have warned neighboring countries that if they cooperate with the United States, they may be in "extraordinary danger."
0205 WTC rubble estimated at 450,000 tons.

BBC - The area of the Pentagon which was hit had recently been rebuilt & re-enforced to block terrorist attack. If the plane had hit any other area, it is speculated that the death toll would be much higher.

0215 CNN Live - About 300 firefighters still unaccounted for.

Operation Noble Eagle is the term being given to the military defense system put in place to secure the United States.

The NYSE, NASDAQ, and ASE successfully tested their computer systems, and will open back up on Monday morning.

0220 22,800 tons of rubble have been removed. Death toll is at 159 at the WTC.
0325 CNN Live - Iran has closed its borders to Afghanistan, in preparation for possible attacks from the United States, citing the present overwhelming number of Afghan refugees it already houses.

Afghanistan has threatened that any country that, in the event of the U.S. attacking them, any country who provides airspace or soil to American troops will be considered an enemy to Afghanistan and may be invaded by them.

Current death toll at the WTC is 159. 89 bodies have been identified.

India has joined support for the efforts of the United States.

0340 EMI Press Release - "EMI (Records) will be donating $1 million to help relieve the suffering in the USA."