Timeline of Events
(all times in EDT)
0800 AA flight 11 leaves Boston for LAX
0814 UA flight 175 leaves Boston for LAX
0821 AA flight 77 leaves Washington Dulles for LAX
0842 UA flight 93 leaves Newark for SF
0848 first crash @ WTC - North Tower (about the 80th floor)
0906 second crash @ WTC - South Tower (about the 60th floor)
0921 NYC Port Authority closes all bridges into/out of NYC
0943 an airplane crashes near the helipad at Pentagon
0946 FAA grounds flights nationally 
1005 south WTC collapses
1010 "E Section" of Pentagon collapses 
1010 UA flight 93 crashes in PA
1013 United Nations building evacuated 
1024 FAA reports all inbound flights are being diverted to Canada 
1029 north WTC collapses
1030 buildings in Washington DC closed 
1035 crash in Pennsylvania is reported 
1037 fourth explosion at WTC reported 
1116 CNN reports Center for Disease Control preparing emergency response teams 
1121 American Airlines confirms two of their planes crashed - 156 lost 
1130 United Airlines confirms a plane crashed in PA 
1159 United Airlines confirms two of their planes crashed - 110 lost
1204 LAX evacuated & shut down 
1215 SFO evacuated & shut down 


50 flights operating in U.S. airspace, reporting no problems
1304 Bush speaks from Louisiana 
1329 state of emergency declared in Washington DC 
1340 5 destroyers and 2 aircraft carriers deployed up the east coast from Norfolk, VA USS George Washington and USS John F. Kennedy
1348 Bush leaves Louisiana for undisclosed location
1720 Building #7 at WTC collapses 
1755 Detonations in Kabul, Afghanistan ... reports of anti-aircraft fire 
1805 CNN reports of missles bombing the airport in Kabul. 
1835 CNN reports that bombing in Kabul is on-going civil war battle in Afghanistan 
1840 Air Force One lands in Washington DC 
1845 reports from inside the Pentagon - it WILL be open 09.12 for business as usual Congress stands behind the President, "This is indeed the most tragic hour in America's history." - Senator John Warner
2030 President Bush makes simple speech, re-itterating that the country will not tolerate terrorism 
2100 National Security Meeting at White House
2130 NYC Port Authority says city will be open Wednesday above 14th Street
2200 Bush declares NYC a disaster area. Approves FEMA relief.
2230 2-3 men arrested going towards George Washington Bridge FBI questioning - rumors of explosions in van unfounded 
2320 Cell phone calls made from inside the rubble of the WTC A few people reported rescued.