Just in case you were wondering about the person who's artwork you've been happily (or else!) viewing....

I live near the beach just south of Santa Cruz California. When I'm not juggling, watching anime late at night with friends, hanging out in a hot tub, or wandering about on a motorcycle, I can occasionally be found working on my artwork - some of which you've just seen. I do some 3D contracting, and if you happen to see a big man, with long blond hair, beating away at a laptop in frustration outside 'Perg in downtown Santa Cruz it could be me, trying to figure out why bone #1296 isn't affecting the right area. I can also be found at most of the west coast juggling conventions, working on 5 club backcrosses, and 7 ball tricks. B)

Right now, I'm working on my dream, creating original full length anime stories. My company, Engulf & Devour Graphics, is starting to grow larger and my equipment is gaining enough power to actually fulfill my goals. Video tapes will be announced here of my anime and I will make mpegs available of the clips. If your system has a lot of bandwidth and would like to mirror this site PLEASE Inquire. I can be reached at : ahd@worldcontrol.org

If you have questions regarding the creation process, what exactly it is that I do, what machines I do it on, and what programs I do it with, please visit the "FAQ ", where most answers can be found. I get an enormous amount of fan mail, and as much as like your input and appreciate your response to my artwork, if you're going to ask me questions please visit the FAQ prior to writing as I cannot answer all the mail I recieve. Of course, if after reading the FAQ you still feel the need to write - go ahead! B)

Legal Junk: Don't fold, spindle, modify the images on this archive or use them in any commercial or private endeavor without my explicit consent. Blah blah blah blah if you do I'll sue, Blah blah blah and then you wont afford bus money blah blah blah Have a nice day. B) B)
Self Portrait 1992
Self Portrait 1993
Self Portrait 1996

Andrew on his 85 BMW K100RT


Andrew's 96 Ducati 900SS



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