DALnet's IRCd - Bahamut
Bahamut is a UNIX-based Internet Relay Chat Daemon (IRCd) designed for DALnet, one of the major IRC networks in the world. Bahamut replaced DALnet's old ircd, DreamForge at some point in the early 2000's.

Bahamut is currently maintained and developed by the DALnet Coding Team, with many others contributing through the dalnet-src@dal.net mailing list. To subscribe to dalnet-src@ (Discussion of DALnet ircd source code) mailing list, please go to http://lists.dal.net/mailman/listinfo/dalnet-src.

Bahamut 2.x supports many newer IRCd features such as SSL encryption, IPv6, and webirc host correction support. It is extremely stable, serving as the production IRCd for DALnet, which is currently one of the 10 largest IRC networks by simultaneous user count. Although bahamut lacks many of the vanity features of some newer IRCd's, it is extremely simple to set up, modular, and compatible with several open source irc services packages and bopm.

You can download the latest release of the IRCd below. The latest 2.1.x version is at the top, and the legacy 1.8.9 version is also linked below. You can find additional versions here: code.dal.net/release/

download bahamut here
2.1.5 (latest)7fd7864ad03a2ce025dc8e0f161ec296242d8cc6783804abee6b5e34f07b47925d021ccf
2.0.7 (legacy)b6e63e6cdae6cca9145a4d2111747e7c8085fc83b6db889d1d0d079e9f529e539a7a5602
1.8.9 (legacy) e1a2b6ffab3c7a88bdd0a3561da4e5ee 64b783ed04983bb1f5ea2b75b3a479888413fb3e

DALnet also maintains a github repository for Bahamut, which is available here: github.com/DALnet/Bahamut

For assistance in configuring or using bahamut, check our FAQ below, or feel free to try asking in #bahamut on DALnet, or join and email the dalnet-src email list.

What packages are required to run bahamut on RHEL/CentOS?zlib-devel, openssl-devel, and standard development tools
What packages are required to run bahamut on Ubuntu?zlib1g-dev, libssl-dev, and standard development tools
I ran configure, make, make install, created ircd.conf, but get an SSL error when I launch ircdYou need to run ./make-cert.sh in the install dir to generate an SSL cert
make-cert.sh gives me an errorIt expects to be run from the prefix directory (default $home/ircd/, or what you specified). If you try to run it elsewhere, it will give you an error. Try again from the prefix directory.
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