Contacting DALnet
Sometimes through your IRC experience you may have the need to contact the DALnet Administration for one reason or another. Below is a listing of the likely reasons you may need to contact DALnet and how exactly you go about doing it. Though we may be tardy in a response, remember we're here to help you and make your IRC experience better than anywhere else!
Remember you can contact DALnet online by asking relevant questions in any of the DALnet owned or DALnet recommended Help Channels as listed on this site. Also remember to check through this site first, before requesting online or email assistance.

DALnet Teams
DALnet has employed the use of several teams to better ensure that you, the users of DALnet have a better experience, and to ensure that when you aren't having such a good day, there will be specific groups of persons to assist you.
Following is a listing of the issues that each team handles in summary.

You have been AKILLED from DALnetKLineContact KLine
You can't connect to DALnetKLineContact KLine
You have been placed on services ignoreSAbusesabuse<AT>
Your Nick or Channel has been FrozenJoin #OperHelpContact KLine
Your Nick or Channel has been ClosedJoin #OperHelpContact KLine
Your Nick or Channel has been ForbiddenJoin #OperHelpContact KLine
Reporting Mass Adds and SpamMassAdsContact MassAds
Requesting Anti Spam Bot for your channelMassAdsContact MassAds
Information on Open Proxies/WingatesExploitsContact Exploits
You have/had exploited or been exploited by the use of trojan scripts etc.ExploitsContact Exploits
General enquiry related to the Exploits TeamExploitsContact Exploits
Anything related to DALnet's websiteWebTeamContact WebTeam
For a potential security bug in ServicesSRAsra<AT>
For any suggestions you may have to make DALnet better!!-suggest<AT>

DALnet Mailing Lists
There are a number of online lists that DALnet maintains to facilitate greater levels of communications with users. You can discuss anything from Services suggestions or problems you have experienced to IRCd suggestions to discussing how you can donate the $10,000. piece of equipment that we've wanted for so long..

Email ListEmail Address
Administration List - Main List for general discussion and
Services List - Suggestions, questions, discussions on
Source list - IRCd Programming issues and
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