DALnet Routing Team
The mission of the Routing Team is to ensure a robust and resilient hub and client server infrastructure for the staff and users of the DALnet IRC Network.

The DALnet Routing Team:
  • Maintains DALnet's routing infrastructure, which includes coordination of peering relationships with other providers at various Internet Exchange points, as well as managing the IX servers and their interconnections.
  • Evaluates all incoming server applications for accuracy, completion, and technical merit.
  • Assists in the linking of servers, and serves as the first point of contact for network stability issues from both staff and providers who host DALnet servers.

Its team members are:
* brandon (Team Leader)
* Ahnberg
* Arfie
* heimdall
* klb
* martell
* MSofty
* Mustang
* RuneB
* skill
* Wisdom
* xPsycho

Contact routing<at>dal.net
Server ApplicationThis document contains the application and instructions for linking a server to DALnet.
Traceroute ScriptDownload this required shell script to collect traceroute data for section 6 of the server application. This script MUST be used for data generation, or the application will not be accepted.
Application GuidelinesOfficial server application guidelines - please read before applying for a link
Security GuidelinesGuide for securing FreeBSD for ircd (old but still mostly relevant)
PeeringDALnet Exchange Point Peering Information
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