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Due to the recent surge of virii that search websites for email address', the DALnet webteam team has sadly taken the step of only accepting online contact. Note that the zine has been discontinued, new submissions will not be posted. We ask for your real name and an e-mail address so we can better contact you regarding your query/submission.

You are encouraged to authenticate using your registered nickname, if you have one. This will help us to establish who you are. If you wish to authenticate with services please put your password in the password box, if you do not wish to then leave it blank.

Please do not forget to select the team you wish to contact and the subject of such. You may use the title box for specifying the title of your article or the main point of your comment.

Notes: Please note that your IP address, the time and your nickname are recorded for security purposes. If you abuse this form we will follow it up. The amount of times you can use this is restricted on a time basis.

Do not use this form to inquire about becoming an IRC operator, you will be IGNORED. Any other IRC related queries (channels/nicks) will also be IGNORED. This is for web matters only!

Do not use this form to inquire about autokills (network bans), please contact the KLine team instead.

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Nickname: Password:
Real/Pen Name: Email Address:
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