DALnet Teams - Services Team
The Services Root Administrators (SRAs) are the ones who actually manage and run Services (NickServ, ChanServ, MemoServ, etc).

They have the highest level of access to services.
They decide who gets SA/CSop access to services and manage services at a console level.
They have the ability to login to the machine on which services is running and perform various operations. IRCops are told to go to them if they have any questions.
They make rulings on many things, including IRC operator accesses.
They also established the IRC operator code of behavior.

The services team can be contacted by emailing sra<at>DAL.net

The current SRAs are:
* MSofty (Team Leader)
* Ahnberg
* brandon
* dalvenjah
* gamma
* Kobi_S
* skill
* toolman
* xPsycho
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