DALnet Teams - Services Team
The Services Root Administrator (SRA) team manages, codes, and runs DALnet's network services -- NickServ, ChanServ, MemoServ, etc.

SRAs hold the highest level of access to services. They have the ability to login to the machine on which services is running and perform various operations at the console level.

The SRA team decides which opers are eligible for SA and CSOp access to services, as well as the policies and procedures for the use of SA and CSOp commands. If there is a difference of opinion between opers as to how to handle a services-related situation, the SRAs provide guidance.

The services team can be contacted by emailing sra<at>DAL.net

The current SRAs are:
* xPsycho (Team Leader)
* Ahnberg
* Arfie
* brandon
* dalvenjah
* gamma
* Kobi_S
* MSofty
* skill
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