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The DALnet Help Committee's purpose is to ensure the overall quality of help given to DALnet users, be it in the form of online live assistance, email, diverse documentation or occasional public classes.

It is composed of representatives with experience in the field of helping
users. The Main Help Team handles recommended help channel applications and
creation of official help channels. The Help Committee also oversees the
prior mentioned channels. There are also subteams responsible for other
areas under the guidance of the Help Committee.

Currently the subteams are:

Main Help Team - (hc@dal.net)
Documentation - (docs@dal.net)
HelpDesk Team - (help@dal.net)

The Help Committee is not responsible for the action of the recommended help channel ops. Complaints should be directed to the respective channel founder or management.

While the Help Committee is responsible for recommending help channels, it should be noted that it does not accept any applications for non-IRC related topics, with the possible exception of technical assistance. We reserve the right to refuse an application at our discretion.

In order to apply for the recommended help channel status, the channel founder has to thoroughly read, understand and agree to the *Help Channel Guidelines* and *Application Guidelines* and then email the *Help Channel Application* to the Main Help Team at hc@dal.net.

Help Channel Guidelineshttp://help.dal.net/faqs/HelpChannelGuidelines.txt
Help Channel Applicationhttp://help.dal.net/faqs/HelpChannelApplication.txt
Application Guidelineshttp://help.dal.net/faqs/HelpChannelAppGuidelines.txt

Please do not send applications if you are not completely serious about making a long standing commitment to the DALnet community. Managing a well working help channel is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time, effort
and devotion. Your decision should be carefully considered and agreed to by
all channel ops before applying.
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