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Here you will find detailed information on DALnet's Services, including commands, and their explanation.

NickServDALnet's nick registration service allows users to register a nickname by providing a password, preventing other users from using it. NickServ registration is required for such things as registering channels and sending/receiving memos.
ChanServChanServ, DALnet's channel registration service, supplies users with a way to secure their channels from takeovers. Founding a channel gives a user the right to add and remove ops and akicks, lock channel modes, etc.
MemoServMemoServ allows users to send memos to other users with registered nicks even when they are offline. Memos can be sent to individual users or to all ops in a specific channel.

Please use caution when sending your passwords to services. DALnet has developed several methods of identification to prevent "impersonators" from getting your passwords. These include:
* /msg nickserv@services.dal.net identify (password)
* /msg chanserv@services.dal.net identify (#channel) (password)
* /nickserv identify (password)
* /chanserv identify (#channel) (password)
* /identify (nickname) (password)
* /identify (#channel) (password)

Depending on what IRC client you use (some common clients include mIRC, BitchX, ircII, PIRCH, scrollZ), this is going to vary slightly. Some clients will allow you to type /nickserv directly with no problems, others will require you to type /quote nickserv, and finally others require /raw nickserv. Find out which one works on your client.

Always use one of the methods above and make sure you are only replying to "NickServ" or "ChanServ" when asked to supply your password. If you identify to a "fake" service (someone using a nickname similar to the real services nicknames, such as NickSenv or ChenServ), we will not be able to help you.
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