Services Abuse (SAbuse)
Services Abuse is not allowed on DALnet.

You can contact us if you have any (Services Abuse related) questions.

Services abuse includes (but not limited to):
  1. Mass/Multiple nickname registrations.

  2. Mass/Multiple channel registrations.

  3. Flooding/spamming users via MemoServ.

  4. Use of *!*@*.* (or equivalent effect) in access/aop/sop/akick lists.

  5. Handling of Nicks used by Services Impersonators.

  6. CTCP Ping Flood to services.

  7. The selling/Trading of nicknames and/or channels used on DALnet.

  8. Private info or File Trading Channels.

  9. Nick and Channel Chasing.

  10. War channels.

When it comes to registering nicknames/channels, the Services Abuse Team looks at each individual case separately. In some cases, owning 2 nicknames/channels may be abusive and in others 5 or 10 nicknames/channels might not be abusive; it all depends on the circumstances they were registered under, how often they are used, and other factors. Don't ask us to publish the rules, we won't.

Here are some guidelines (by all means this is not to say these are the only things the team looks at, but these are some basic things to think about):
  1. Do you have any nicknames/channels registered that you don't use and just identify to keep them registered?

  2. Do you own any nicknames/channels for the sole purpose of holding them from someone else registering them?

  3. Do you own any nicknames/channels for the sole purpose of trading or selling them?

  4. Do you have to use an identify script because you have too many passwords to remember?

  5. Do you identify to all your nicknames/channels in one fell swoop because you are afraid you might forget to use one of them in a 30 day period instead of identifying to your nicknames/channels as you use them?

If you answered yes to one of the questions above, you should seriously do something about it before we come and tap you on the shoulder asking you to drop some of the nicks/channels.

As long as you stick to a reasonable number of nicknames/channels that you actually use and aren't just holding so others can't get them, no one is going to give you any trouble. Use common sense and you'll do just fine.

This policy effects you, the DALnet user as far as the DALnet Services Abuse Team is concerned.

Nickname/Channel Registration.
Please, do not register more nicknames/channels than you can reasonably use. Use common sense, if you need a script to identify to all of your nicks/channels because it will take you more than a few seconds, you may have too many. Nickname/Channel registrations are logged and monitored for excess. In the event that you have obtained an excess amount, some (or all) of the nicks may be frozen or dropped by DALnet administration depending on the amount that you have registered and possibly even result in denial of access to Services all together.

MemoServ Spamming/Flooding
Memoserv is there for the purpose of leaving memos (as the name implies). It is not designed to be a replacement for email nor intended to be used for the harassment of other DALnet users. Abuse of Memoserv to harass other DALnet users will not be tolerated and will result in a loss of Services access.

*!*@* (or equivalent) in nickname/channel access lists
This will be deemed a release of said channel/nickname. If you want everyone to be able to use the nickname/channel, then you no longer need it to be registered. This is considered an abusive act as it holds a registration record for a (now) publicly available nickname/channel. Nicknames/Channels found with *!*@* (or it's equivalent) in their access list may have their access list wiped, or completely removed at the discretion of the CSOP that discovers them. Channel founders are responsible for the entries within their channels access list. If there are AOP/SOP/Akick users that have this entry within their nickname access list, the AOP/SOP/Akick list for the channel may be wiped or the channel may be frozen/closed if this is within the founders access list at the discretion of the CSOP dealing with the issue. Similar effect if this type of access is found directly in the AOP/SOP/Akick lists.

Handling of Nicks used by Services Impersonators.
All nicks found impersonating our services, will be dropped and held by the SAbuse team.

CTCP Flood to Services
Any user found flooding services in any way will be removed from the network and the punishment will be determined according to the Csop discretion.

The selling/Trading of nicknames and/or channels used on DALnet.
DALnet provides a free chat service to users of the Internet. With the service DALnet provides comes our NickServ and ChanServ registration utilities that allow users to "own" nicknames and channels. We provide these services with an understanding that they will be used reasonably and responsibly. You can NOT sale or trade this free resources of DALnet.

Private info or File Trading Channels
DALnet has a strict Acceptable Use Policy, and since this is a CHAT network, we don't allow channels whose sole purpose is the interchange of files or public information (including credit cards). This will not be tolerated and will result in immediate loss of the channel.
Please note that any csop can handle this, since users would be breaking DALnet's AUP.

Nick and Channel Chasing
Nick and channel chasing is not allowed as it abuses DALnet's Services. Nick and channel chasing includes but is not limited to:
  1. Repeatedly using nicks the user does not own

  2. Loading multiple clients on DALnet in an effort to secure a nick/channel about to expire

  3. Using nicks not owned by the user, causing nick collisions

  4. Using scripts or/and timers in an effort to get/register a nick/channel

War channels
War channels are not allowed on DALnet as they are flooding DALnet's Services (and servers).
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