DALnet Coding Team
The coding team is responsible for the development and maintenance of
the IRCd (Bahamut) and sometimes other related packages. We are always seeking
knowledgeable help - if you are a capable C programmer with knowledge
of developing in a primarily UNIX environment with a large cross-platform
component and have experience with non-blocking BSD sockets; we're
interested in any help you can offer.

Team members:
* skill (Team Leader)
* Ahnberg
* Holbrook
* Kobi_S
* MSofty
* Quension
* RuneB
* xPsycho

In the past, we've run the Coding Team as a fairly closed unit - we worked on
our development, took suggestions, and generally did most of
everything ourselves. These days, we simply don't have the time to
run things as they used to run. Changes are required - and so, along
with some other things, we're changing our development process. This
will result in the dalnet-src@ mailing list becoming (we hope) a
lot more active.

Contact: dalnet-src@dal.net (for bug reports, patches, suggestions and inquiries)
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