Recommended Channels
Here you will find a comprehensive list of DALnet Recommended Help Channels.
These are channels that have been given recommended channel status by the Help Committee after passing all of their guidelines.

Channel name Founder Description
#DALnetHelpHelp CommitteeHelp channel for DALnet Services and general IRC questions
#HelpHelp CommitteeIRC beginner/newbie help channel
#NoHackFruit^LoopDALnet's Recommended Trojan/Virus Removal Help Channel
#OperHelptoolmanDALnet IRC Operator Help Channel
#IRCHelpHelp CommitteeHelp channel for DALnet and general IRC questions
#mIRCHorseCHelp channel for the IRC client, mIRC
#ArabHelpsaidawiThe Official DALnet Arabic Help Channel
#DALnetAyudadrosOfficial Spanish Help Channel / Canal de Ayuda
#DALnetHilfeAcidLiOfficial German Help Channel
#HjelpLatHansOfficial Scandinavian Help Channel
#ItaliaHelpiceqOfficial Italian Help Channel
#MacintoshAmbsDALnet Help Channel for Macintosh
#amIRCStarDustrDALnet Help Channel for the amIRC Amiga Client
#MsiaHelpKaInAnOfficial Malay/Indonesian Help Channel
#DALnetYardimuzayOfficial Turkish Help Channel
#RomaniaHelpZappuOfficial Romanian Help Channel
#NixHelpHelp CommitteeDALnet Help Channel for UNIX/Linux
#jmirchelpeDdYk0nGDALnet Recommended Help channel for jmIrc client
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