Peering - IX
DALnet Exchange Point Peering Information
Australia/New Zealand Exchanges
EdgeIX - Perth31800103.136.102.49Online
Equinix. Sydney, NSW3180045.127.172.27Online
MegaIX Auckland3180043.243.22.51Online
MegaIX Brisbane31800103.26.70.77Online
MegaIX Melbourne31800103.26.71.121Online
MegaIX Sydney31800103.26.68.200Online
WAIX. Perth, WA31800MLPAOnline
European Exchanges
NL-IX. Netherlands31800193.239.116.162Online
FIXO. Norway3180091.198.176.65Online
North American Exchanges
AtlantaIX. Atlanta, GA, US31800198.32.132.25Online
Equinix. Ashburn, VA, US31800206.126.236.138Online
Equinix. Dallas, TX, US31800206.223.118.88Online
Equinix. San Jose, CA, US31800206.223.116.138Online
Seattle Internet eXchange. Seattle, WA, US31800206.81.80.101Online
Salt Lake Internet Exchange. Salt Lake City, UT, US 31800149.112.13.51Online


As part of DALnet's commitment to IRC, we also provide Anycast IRC services to other IRC networks that require local exchange presence. As such, DALnet's peering includes prefixes from Undernet in addition to its own.

DALnet Peering Guidelines
1. DALnet maintains an open peering policy. To request peering, please send the request to

2. DALnet's objective is regionally accept traffic for our IRC network. Multiple interconnections with carriers with network presences in multiple regions is strongly recommended. Also note, DALnet does not obtain global transit for the networks announced at exchange points.

3. DALnet requests that peers maintain consistent route announcements across all peering locations.

4. DALnet ideally desires to peer with service provider networks. We will peer with content providers that offer user services.

5. DALnet is not-for-profit, non-commercial operation, we will acknowledge peering guidelines, but cannot attest to liabilities as a result to peering.
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