How to create website skins?
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So, you want to help design the new dalnet website?


Thank you for offering your time and skills. This document aims to help outline a few things you need to know about the design, to save you from needing to ask us lots of questions :)

We want users to be able to select how the website looks and feels for themselves. So, we are asking for a number of skins so users have lots of cool choices :) When the website goes fully live for users we will have a number of skins and users will be able to choose from any of them

We need you to design a skin that can fit to the content. Skins go before and after the content, and we have a few variables that are changed dynamically. To see what our variables are please see below. So, for example, you include %NEWS% on the skin, and when users view it they will see the dynamically provided news.

Please ensure you are familiar with working on skins, otherwise it'll take you a lot more time to work on your design than you would need!

Below are some things you need to do to make your skin work:

Go to Website Management --> Update skins

You must have at least the following files:
header.html <-- Will be called before the page's content
footer.html <-- Will be called after the page's content

Both filles support the following variables:
%TITLE% <-- the page's title
%MY_URL% <-- main website's url (i.e.
%MAIN_MENU% <-- the main (top) menu
%MAIN_MENU_PLUS% <-- the main (top) menu with sub-menus support :)
%SUB_MENU% <-- the sub (right) menu
%SUB_MENU_TITLE% <-- The sub menu's title
%TIP% <-- Tip of the day message
%NEWS% <-- The latest news
%NEWS_URL% <-- The latest news' URL (for the "read more" link)
%SKIN% <-- The skin's name
%SKINPATH% <-- URL to the skin's files (i.e.
%COPYRIGHT% <-- Will show copyright information (for the footer).
%NOBAR_START% <-- Should be used before the right bars (Lets some pages remove the right bar)
%NOBAR_END% <-- Should be used after the right bars
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