How To connect to DALnet using SSL
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Below, are the steps on how to connect to DALnet using SSL.

mIRC users:
Download the latest mIRC version from
Download the file and install it.
Make sure, you install in in c:\windows\system32 or in mIRC install directory.
Connect using /server
Accept the certificate And, there you Go

Psybnc users:
Please, make sure you’re using the latest psybnc release before you proceed.
You should enable ssl from the menuconfig
make menuconfig
Under Compiling Options Modify:
SSL-Path: /usr/local/ssl You may need to consult with your provider for the correct path
SSL-SecLevel: Check Certs
Restart your psybnc process
Connect to psybnc as usual way
In psybnc, type /addserver And jump

Open xchat.
From the network tab, click on DALnet, and then edit Check the box “Accept SSL Certificate”
Connect using /server +6697

/set use_ssl on
/set ssl_verify on
/connect -ssl 6697

You may wanna connect to your favorite server, to do so, please refer to for list of our servers.
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