Channel Managers
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Channel managers can:
- Manage the SOP list (add/remove SOPs)
- Wipe AOP/SOP lists
- Change channel description
- Set/unset OPGUARD
- Set/unset MLOCK
- Set/unset IDENT
- Set/unset KEEPTOPIC
- Set/unset RESTRICT
- Set/unset URL
- Set/unset VERBOSE
- Set/unset TOPICLOCK (unless it's locked to the founder)
- Set/unset LEAVEOPS
- Set/unset PRIVATE
- Set/unset MEMO level (unless it's locked to the founder)
- See successor's nick with ChanServ INFO

Channel managers can *NOT*:
- Change channel password
- Change founder
- Set/unset SUCCESSOR
- Set/unset MAILBLOCK
- Add/remove other managers

To add a new channel manager:
/ChanServ MANAGER #channel ADD nick

To remove a channel manager:
/ChanServ MANAGER #channel DEL nick

* You can add up to 5 managers.
* Only registered nicks can be added to the manager list. No masks allowed.
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