My favorite channel is frozen/closed, can I get it?
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If you are the founder of that channel:
Check your memos, you should have a memo from the IRC Operator or team who froze/closed your channel. If you did not receive a memo, you can join #OperHelp for further help. Please note that only the channel founder can get information about it.

If you are not the founder of that channel:
DALnet freezes/closes channels that violate our AUP, however, the freeze/close reason for a specific channel is between DALnet and the channel founder and only they can get information about it.

We will not appoint you (or anyone else) as the channel founder instead of the current founder so don't bother asking.

A frozen/closed channel will either be returned to its current founder or expire after a random time. We will not tell you if or when it will be re-opened, when/if it does, it will happen at a random time and the first user who will be able to register it, will have it.

We recommend you to try to find another channel to register/chat on.

Thank you.
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