2018 - ChanServ XFLAG Help Session
[03:00] <@Sara_Ks> I want to welcome everyone here.
[03:01] <@Sara_Ks> When we started this, I thought it would be small but we have many here
[03:01] <@Sara_Ks> For those just entering, please also join #Xflag
[03:02] <@Sara_Ks> I do want to say that we are all users. Staff simply has more responsibilities
[03:02] <@Sara_Ks> For those just entering, please also join #Xflag
[03:02] <@Sara_Ks> Our goal is to make the time we all spend here as pleasurable as possible
[03:03] <@Sara_Ks> The goal if this is to help people manage their channels. We all know it can be tough
[03:04] <@Sara_Ks> We have (our coders) developed a set of commands to help reduce floodbot and annoying users from abusing our channels
[03:04] <@Sara_Ks> The command can be set by channel managers and founders only
[03:05] <@Sara_Ks> Its not perfect, but it can be of great help. We want to help you understand the commands and see how they work
[03:06] <@Sara_Ks> We know there are other issues and some of those can be answered at https://www.dal.net/kb/view.php?kb=414
[03:06] <@Sara_Ks> Ok, first the Xflag commands are not mandatory, you do not have to use them. But I think most will benefit and enjoy the options they provide
[03:07] <@Sara_Ks> There are many commands, we are going to go through them. At first it seems confusing because there are many options.
[03:08] <@Sara_Ks> So to start, you can simply type /ChanServ XFLAG #channel RECOMMENDED
[03:08] <@Sara_Ks> This sets the basic commands, from there you can tweek them as you become more familiar with the options
[03:08] <@Sara_Ks> You can get help at /chanserv help xflag
[03:09] <@Sara_Ks> If you have it set, you can type /chanserv chan #Channel
[03:10] <@Sara_Ks> This will show you your settings
[03:10] <@Kobi_S> /ChanServ XFLAG #channel
[03:10] <@Sara_Ks> oops
[03:11] <@Sara_Ks> This is what the result might look like
[03:11] <@Sara_Ks> -ChanServ- XFLAGs for the channel #docsteam:
[03:11] <@Sara_Ks> -ChanServ- JOIN_CONNECT_TIME: 30
[03:11] <@Sara_Ks> -ChanServ- TALK_CONNECT_TIME: 0
[03:11] <@Sara_Ks> -ChanServ- TALK_JOIN_TIME: 60
[03:11] <@Sara_Ks> -ChanServ- GREETMSG: This channel is protected due to abuse, you may need to wait 30 seconds before being able to talk! (read-only)
[03:11] <@Sara_Ks> -ChanServ- NO_NOTICE: On
[03:11] <@Sara_Ks> -ChanServ- NO_CTCP: On
[03:11] <@Sara_Ks> -ChanServ- NO_PART_MSG: On
[03:11] <@Sara_Ks> -ChanServ- NO_QUIT_MSG: On
[03:11] <@Sara_Ks> -ChanServ- EXEMPT_OPPED: On
[03:11] <@Sara_Ks> -ChanServ- EXEMPT_VOICED: On
[03:11] <@Sara_Ks> -ChanServ- EXEMPT_IDENTD: On
[03:11] <@Sara_Ks> -ChanServ- EXEMPT_REGISTERED: On
[03:11] <@Sara_Ks> -ChanServ- EXEMPT_INVITES: On
[03:11] <@Sara_Ks> -ChanServ- End of list.
[03:12] <@Sara_Ks> Here you can see the settings
[03:12] <@Sara_Ks> There are more settings planned for the furture
[03:12] <@Sara_Ks> To set the commands this is the format
[03:13] <@Sara_Ks> type /chanserv XFLAG #channel option:value [...] option:value
[03:13] <@Sara_Ks> Ok, I will stop for a moment and see if any opers have something to add
[03:13] <@Kobi_S> All: feel free to ask questions on the channel, we'll answer them soon
[03:13] <@Kobi_S> Q: What are the recommended xflags?
[03:14] <@Sara_Ks> When you set the commands, you can chain commants together
[03:14] <@Kobi_S> (we'll explain more about the options soon)
[03:15] <@Sara_Ks> Kobi could you post a chain command
[03:16] <@Sara_Ks> Also, we will have a question and answer period and talk about a few other things, after we get through the commands, any question is fine
[03:16] <@Profound> Example for setting multiple values at once: /ChanServ XFLAG #channel NO_NOTICE:ON NO_CTCP:ON TALK_JOIN_TIME:30
[03:17] <@Sara_Ks> Ok, I would like to go into the individual commands
[03:18] <@Sara_Ks> The first is "Join connect time" This determines how long a user must be on the server before he can join your channel
[03:19] <@Sara_Ks> This helps prevent a large number of bots joining and immediately entering your room
[03:19] <@Sara_Ks> The command is /chanserv XFLAG #channel JOIN_CONNECT_TIME:VALUE
[03:19] <@Sara_Ks> Kobi any words on the settings and what works best?
[03:20] <@Kobi_S> Q: is the value in seconds?
[03:20] <@Kobi_S> A: yes
[03:21] <@Kobi_S> Sara_Ks: I think 30 seconds should be fine...
[03:21] <@Kobi_S> /ChanServ XFLAG #channel JOIN_CONNECT_TIME:30
[03:21] <@Sara_Ks> Ok and BTW the recommented settings are going to be fine for most
[03:22] <@Sara_Ks> The next is "Talk connect time"
[03:23] <@Sara_Ks> This sets the time a person has to wait before he can talk in your channel
[03:24] <@Kobi_S> (from the time they were connected to the server)
[03:24] <@Sara_Ks> Yes
[03:25] <@Sara_Ks> Then "Talk Join Time" This sets how long they must be IN the channel to talk
[03:26] <@Sara_Ks> As we see more of these commands, please be aware. You can set exemptions to these rules
[03:26] <@Sara_Ks> For example you can exempt ops, voiced users and more
[03:27] <@Sara_Ks> We will get to that
[03:27] <@Sara_Ks> The next command is CTCP
[03:28] <@Sara_Ks> You can block, in your channel, a person from checking user info, like Ping, time, version, userinfo and client info
[03:28] <@Sara_Ks> Ok, we have a lot of questions so far, so lets answer some of the
[03:28] <@Sara_Ks> m
[03:29] <@Kobi_S> Q: we can change greetmsg? am i right?
[03:29] <@Kobi_S> A: No, you can only use a default premade greeting with the following command:
[03:29] <@Kobi_S> /ChanServ XFLAG #channel AUTOMSG:ON
[03:30] <@Kobi_S> Q: is there a maximum integer value for any of the time settings?
[03:30] <@Kobi_S> A: any number between 0 to 2592000 should be fine
[03:30] <@Kobi_S> Q: hat is the value of talk connect time as opposed to talk join time if you have join connect time?
[03:31] <@Kobi_S> A: TALK_CONNECT_TIME dictates how many seconds you must be online in order to chat in the channel
[03:31] <@Kobi_S> TALK_JOIN_TIME dicdates how many seconds you must be on the channel in order to chat
[03:32] <@Kobi_S> Q: does blocking CTCP also block CTCP ACTION (aka a /me command)?
[03:32] <@Kobi_S> A: Yes, NO_CTCP also blocks actions (/me something)
[03:32] <@Kobi_S> Q: What about the channels that the founders and managers are away. How can the ops set these commands to prevent flooders
[03:33] <@Kobi_S> A: A channel must have a founder set, you should be able to send a memo to the founder
[03:33] <@Kobi_S> if you can't reach the founder at all, join #OperHelp and we will try to help you
[03:33] <@Sara_Ks> Or a manager. If you don't have managers, you might think about that
[03:34] <@Kobi_S> Q: will that cause issues with autojoin setting in most clients and should they be adjusted
[03:34] <@Kobi_S> A: That is correct, however, there is an option to excempt registered+identified users from the xflag
[03:34] <@Kobi_S> that option is called EXEMPT_REGISTERED
[03:35] <@Kobi_S> it can be enabled by using /ChanServ XFLAG #channel EXEMPT_REGISTERED:ON
[03:35] <@Kobi_S> so any registered and identified user will be able to join
[03:35] <@Kobi_S> Q: could add a help to show what RECOMMENDED does, assuming it will change...?
[03:36] <@Kobi_S> A: The recommended feature currently enables the following xflags:
[03:36] <@Kobi_S> (and disables the rest of the xflags)
[03:36] <@Kobi_S> Q: what could xflag do, that my bot can't?
[03:36] <@Kobi_S> A: xflag adds more tools to help you prevent thousands of drones from thousands of IP addresses from joining your channel, instead of just being limited to things like setting mode +R (registered nicks only)
[03:37] <@Kobi_S> Q: will that cause issues with autojoin setting in most clients and should they be adjusted
[03:37] <@Kobi_S> A: Answer is yes. they will need to manually issue /join commands or use a script, with a timer
[03:38] <@Kobi_S> (if we mistakenly ignored your question, feel free to ask again and we'll answer in the next stop)
[03:39] <@Sara_Ks> Ok, the next command is "Part messages"
[03:39] <@Sara_Ks> This prevents part messages in channel
[03:39] <@Sara_Ks> the command is /chanserv XFLAG #channel NO_PART_MSG:ON/OFF
[03:40] <@Sara_Ks> Note that these can all be turned off and on as necessary Someone using part messages in a flood can be stopped with this
[03:41] <@Sara_Ks> "Quit messages" will cause no quit message to be shown in channel
[03:41] <@Sara_Ks> It is set with /chanserv XFLAG #channel NO_QUIT_MSG:ON/OFF
[03:42] <@Sara_Ks> When you see all these commands, note, you can exempt many people from these rules
[03:42] <@Sara_Ks> For example, you can exempt all but unregistered, unidented nicks
[03:43] <@Sara_Ks> Which are most flood bots
[03:43] <@Sara_Ks> You would then only affect them
[03:44] <@Sara_Ks> So, the command, Exempt opped, exempts your channel ops
[03:44] <@Sara_Ks> That command is /chanserv XFLAG #channel EXEMPT_OPPED:ON/OFF
[03:44] <@Sara_Ks> Similarly you can set exempt voiced people
[03:45] <@Sara_Ks> Another is "Exempt Identd" someone who has identified is not affected
[03:46] <@Kobi_S> just a quick explanation about EXEMPT_IDENTD, it exempts people who are running identd (ident daemon)
[03:47] <@Kobi_S> i.e. their ident doesn't start with a ~
[03:47] <@Sara_Ks> You can also exempt a registered nick /chanserv XFLAG #channel EXEMPT_REGISTERED:ON/OFF
[03:48] <@Sara_Ks> It works the same way if you invite someone to your room, they are exempt
[03:49] <@Kobi_S> to clarify - this only exempts people who have identified to NickServ (ACC3)
[03:49] <@Kobi_S> not people who match the nick's access list (ACC2)
[03:50] <@Sara_Ks> If you have set these commands and changed from the recommended, you can always type
[03:50] <@Sara_Ks> Syntax:
[03:51] <@Sara_Ks> this /chanserv XFLAG #channel DEFA
[03:51] <@Sara_Ks> ult
[03:51] <@Sara_Ks> default will bring you back to the starting point
[03:52] <@Kobi_S> /ChanServ XFLAG #channel DEFAULT
[03:52] <@Kobi_S> :)
[03:52] <@Sara_Ks> It will take a bit to get used to this. You can always come to the #operhelp with questions
[03:52] <@Profound> And #help in the first instance.
[03:52] <@Sara_Ks> We have changes the help system a bit and combined help channels
[03:52] <@Sara_Ks> So #help and #operhelp, there are a few others
[03:53] <@Sara_Ks> Kobi_S Did you want to add something at this point?
[03:53] <@Kobi_S> Sara_Ks: yes, we got a few questions
[03:53] <@Kobi_S> let us answer them
[03:54] <@Kobi_S> Q: in regards to NO_CTCP, could (in the future) this limitation be disabled as /me is a very frequent command?
[03:54] <@Kobi_S> A: Yes, we'll probably add a NO_ACTION xflag in the future, in the mean time the EXCEMPT_* xflags might help
[03:54] <@Kobi_S> Q: so bot script just need to add wait time, and they can start flooding again
[03:55] <@Kobi_S> A: ChanServ XFLAG isn't the ultimate solution for everything but it *DOES* help :)
[03:55] <@Sara_Ks> I might mention one other thing, NO_UTF8 This command will block the freenode spammer hitting many rooms
[03:55] <@Kobi_S> Q: About NO_PART, do a "filtered" part and quit message appear the same, as a part or quit with no reason given?
[03:56] <@Kobi_S> A: it will just show an empty part with no message
[03:56] <@Kobi_S> Q: can i ask such auditorium mode, can i set it at my channel?
[03:56] <@Kobi_S> A: Yes, the auditorium mode (+A) hides the normal user list from non-ops
[03:56] <@Kobi_S> and also hides parts/joins/modes/etc messages on the channel
[03:56] <@Kobi_S> (from non-ops)
[03:57] <@Kobi_S> it's currently not settable by users, however, you can contact us via https://users.dal.net/karnaf/new.php to have it enabled to your channel
[03:57] <@Kobi_S> Q: acc2 what is this
[03:57] <@Kobi_S> A: When I said EXCEMPT_REGISTERED excempts identified users... I meant identified to NickServ with the nick's password
[03:57] <@Kobi_S> for more information about ACC2/ACC3, check out /NickServ HELP ACC
[03:58] <@Kobi_S> in a nutshell, /NickServ ACC <nick> shows you what access someone has to their nick
[03:58] <@Kobi_S> and I meant EXEMPT_REGISTERED ofcourse :) (without the C, thanks Profound)
[03:58] * @Profound bows
[03:59] <@Kobi_S> Q: NO_UTF8 stops printing of UTF8? or kills users who try to use UTF8??
[03:59] <@Kobi_S> A: /ChanServ XFLAG #channel NO_UTF8:ON prevents high characters (non-English) from being written on the channel
[03:59] <@Kobi_S> this can stop many characters including UTF8
[03:59] <@Kobi_S> *but* please note,
[04:00] <@Kobi_S> if people on your channel are speaking Arabic, Hebrew, etc
[04:00] <@Kobi_S> it will prevent those characters too
[04:00] <@Kobi_S> so you should only enable it on English-only channels
[04:01] <@Sara_Ks> One note, when you have settings you like, if they are not simply the recommended ones you can script them
[04:02] <@Sara_Ks> SO, you could turn the set on and off with one command
[04:03] <@Sara_Ks> If you are having a flood issue, keep in mind, we can help you
[04:04] <@Sara_Ks> We are working to eliminate the problems but can help when necessary. It does help if you let us know about floods
[04:04] <@Sara_Ks> Do we have more questions?
[04:05] <@Kobi_S> Sara_Ks: Yes, let me paste a few of the questions
[04:05] <@Kobi_S> Q: Can I use the RECOMMENDED option for XFLAG and turn off EXEMPT_IDENTD ?
[04:05] <@Kobi_S> A: Yes :)
[04:05] <@Kobi_S> you can do /ChanServ XFLAG #channel RECOMMENDED
[04:05] <@Kobi_S> and then tweak the options
[04:05] <@Kobi_S> Q: USER_VERBOSE: is not listed on https://www.dal.net/kb/view.php?kb=414, it does...???
[04:06] <@Kobi_S> A: USER_VERBOSE basically send failed command messages to #channel-relay ...
[04:06] <@Kobi_S> like if someone is trying to join the channel #help
[04:06] <@Kobi_S> and #help is +R
[04:06] <@Kobi_S> a message will be sent to #help-relay
[04:06] <@Kobi_S> saying they tried to join
[04:07] <@Kobi_S> Q: what is the difference between MLOCK +n and NO_NOTICE:ON?
[04:07] <@Kobi_S> A: Channel mode +n prevents messages from people *not* in the channel
[04:07] <@Kobi_S> while NO_NOTICE:ON xflag prevents /notice #channel message
[04:07] <@Kobi_S> Q: With the no_ctcp, it blocks someone from user info, is that valid only for as long as that person is in the channel?
[04:08] <@Kobi_S> A: it only prevents /ctcp request to the channel... i.e. /ctcp #channel ping
[04:08] <@Kobi_S> not private ctcps
[04:08] <@Kobi_S> Q: HIDE_MODE_LISTS: is not listed on https://www.dal.net/kb/view.php?kb=414, it does...??? perhaps others
[04:08] <@Kobi_S> A: /ChanServ XFLAG #channel HIDE_MODE_LISTS:ON
[04:08] <@Kobi_S> prevents people from seeing the ban list
[04:08] <@Kobi_S> (and invite/exempt lists)
[04:09] <@Kobi_S> so /mode #channel +b/+I/+e won't work
[04:09] <@Kobi_S> it's not available on all servers yet, it will be available soon
[04:10] <@Kobi_S> We'll continue in a moment guys and girls :)
[04:10] <@Sara_Ks> RuneB Is going to discuss another new feature
[04:10] <@RuneB> xflag is part our continuing attempts to reduce the spam on DALnet. Another new feature you may have noticed is the new spamfilter in our ircd. If a particular piece of spam message is in our database, it can be recognized and dealt with.
[04:10] <@RuneB> You can read all about the feature at https://www.dal.net/kb/view.php?kb=411
[04:10] <@RuneB> We are regularly updating the database with new spam messages that we come across. You can also help us by letting us know in #OperHelp about new spam so that we can update the SpamFilter database.
[04:11] <@RuneB> Also, there is an additional user mode and channel mode related to the new spamfilter feature, mode +P
[04:11] <@RuneB> If you do not want SpamFilter protection on your nick, just type /mode yournick +P
[04:11] <@RuneB> If you do not want SpamFilter protection on your channel, type /mode #channel +P
[04:12] <@RuneB> This will mean that any messages going to you or your channel will not be screened by the spamfilter :)
[04:13] <@Kobi_S> Does anyone has any questions about spamfilter?
[04:13] <@Kobi_S> have :)
[04:14] <@Kobi_S> ok, let me tell you about a few more nice improvements we've added earlier today!
[04:14] <@Kobi_S> the first feature is the VOP (auto voice list)
[04:14] <@Kobi_S> /ChanServ VOP #channel ADD/DEL/LIST [<nick/mask>]
[04:15] <@Kobi_S> will make ChanServ automatically voice (+v) the user/mask
[04:15] <@Kobi_S> the other commands are: /ChanServ VOICE, /ChanServ DEVOICE, and /ChanServ SET #channel VOICEGUARD
[04:15] <@Kobi_S> to make sure only VOPs people will be voiced
[04:15] <@Kobi_S> like opguard but for voices
[04:15] <@Kobi_S> another new feature is AKICK reason
[04:15] <@Kobi_S> /ChanServ AKICK #channel ADD <nick> <reason>
[04:16] <@Kobi_S> will let you add autokicks with reasons
[04:16] <@Kobi_S> and last but not least, XINFO (named after xPsycho)
[04:16] <@Kobi_S> /ChanServ AOP #channel XLIST will let you see who added an AOP
[04:16] <@Kobi_S> and when
[04:16] <@Kobi_S> same goes to VOP/SOP/MANAGER/AKICK list
[04:17] <@Kobi_S> Q: will VOP be added so it will be shown in /chanserv help?
[04:17] <@Kobi_S> A: Sure, /ChanServ HELP VOP
[04:17] <@Kobi_S> Any more questions? :)
[04:18] <@Kobi_S> feel free to ask
[04:18] <@Sara_Ks> On any topic
[04:18] <@Kobi_S> yeah, feel free to ask any DALnet-related question and we'll be happy to answer ;)
[04:18] <@RuneB> Q: what consequences can it have when someone hits a filter and are they notified of it?
[04:19] <@RuneB> A: Depending on what we set for each filter, the message can be silently blocked, or the user can be killed/akilled
[04:19] <@RuneB> Q: What kind of information you need to be add in spamfilter list?
[04:21] <@RuneB> A: Logs with the spam and the user's IP address are great to send us. We'll collect the information and can choose to add a filter if necessary.
[04:21] <@Kobi_S> Q: Will reason for akick show when a akick list is done for channel?
[04:21] <@Kobi_S> A: No, but it will be shown to the user when kicked by ChanServ and to ops by using /ChanServ AKICK #channel XLIST
[04:22] <@RuneB> Q: Spamfilter will be enabled on chan/nick by default?
[04:22] <@RuneB> A: Yes, and we are providing the ability for you to decide if you want your user/channel to be exempted.
[04:22] <@Kobi_S> Q: How about mode +H for usermode?
[04:23] <@Kobi_S> A: We're currently working on enabling user host-masking for *all* users (this will be done with umode +H), it'll be ready soon ;)
[04:24] <@Kobi_S> Q: How can user save their current XFLAG settings as their default "base" setting they want to be set always, incase they accidently tweak to some setting ON or OFF and want to revert their base settings as previously set.
[04:24] <@Kobi_S> A: I basically write down the /ChanServ XFLAG #channel command I use so I can change it later
[04:24] <@Kobi_S> that's what I would recommend :)
[04:24] <@Kobi_S> we may add an export option for xflag in the future
[04:25] <@Sara_Ks> Since you can in many clients set up a macro, you can also write it in a macro
[04:26] <@Kobi_S> I want to thank everyone for joining, and thank you Sara_Ks, RuneB, Profound and others who have helped making this session possible!
[04:26] <@Sara_Ks> Ok, I want to thank everyone for attending this. I hope you all have gained something.
[04:27] <@Sara_Ks> Again if you need help, just let us know. If you have suggestions, we would like to hear them
[04:28] <@Sara_Ks> And thank YOU Kobi_S Profound and RuneB
[04:28] <@Profound> np
[04:28] <@chalcedony> If you want to continue to discuss the new modes and commands please join #XFLAG :)
[04:29] <@Profound> In an informal setting. :)
[04:29] <@Sara_Ks> dd_ Well. I guess not, lol but we can have a party there!
[04:29] <@Kobi_S> We'll post the log of the session on the website later today
[04:30] <@Coastwatcher> Just a quick note about receiving help, Recently, #irchelp, #dalnethelp & #help were joined together to provide a more central place to ask about these things with the staff from each channel brought together to increase helper coverage
[04:31] <@Profound> Thanks all.
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