CyberCafe Registration Form
Owners, Administrators and Managers of organizations may apply to have their company (Cafe, Shell Provider or ISP) or educational institution recognized by the DALnet Cybercafe Team. This form is to be completed by the primary authority of the company or institution and NOT by users of the company or students of the institution.

NOTE: If you have an existing registration, DO NOT SUBMIT a new application to notify us of any error messages, akills or updates you need to make. Instead, email with your reason for contacting us and company code for verification.

NOTE: Shell providers are prohibited from creating any vhost that too closely resembles the hosts used by DALnet staff members and/or Services. If we find that you have created one, your application will be revoked indefinitely.

Application Prerequisites:

Failure to meet any of the prerequisites, or submitting untruthful information, will result in your application being deleted without a return response.

1. All applications must have a minimum of 10 users connected to DALnet at any given time. If you anticipate less than 10 concurrent connections, do not apply.
2. All applications must provide a working website address. If you do not have a website running yet, do not apply.
3. All applications must provide a valid primary and abuse contacts email address. Use of free e-mail services (yahoo, gmail, hotmail, inbox, msn, etc) will not be accepted.
4. All applications must provide a registered DALnet nickname for the primary contact. If the primary contact does not have a nickname registered, or if it expires, your application will be rejected.
5. Applications that specify Company type as 'Other', you must clarify what service you're offering in the comments section. If you do not, your application will be rejected.
6. Applications that provide a physical address, the address must be complete. Partial addresses will not be accepted and your application will be rejected. Please note that you are not required to provide an address, but if you do, then you must comply with this prerequisite.
7. All applications must provide at least 1 static IP address that your users will be connecting from. If your company is a shell provider or ISP, you must provide a range of static IP addresses.
8. All shell providers and ISP's must have an RWHOIS server available to query so we can verify the netblocks specified in your application are assigned to your company. If the RWHOIS information doesn't match your application, or if an RWHOIS server isn't available, your application will be rejected.
9. All shell providers are required to run an ident daemon that binds to the customer's username. Permitting your customers to change their ident, or using an encypted ident, will result in your company being banned for a minimum of 30 days.

NOTE: Fields marked by * are required.
Company name: *
Company type: *
Abuse email: *
Web site: *
Address 1:
Address 2:
Address 3:
Primary contact name: *
DALnet nickname: *
Phone: *
Email: *
Position: *
Secondary contact name:
DALnet nickname:
Start of IP range: *
End of IP range: *
NOTE: Private IP ranges are not acceptable
(ie: 10.* 192.168.* 172.*)
Comments/additional information relevent to your application.
(Ex. Extra IP ranges)
Please check your information before clicking Submit.
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