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Compromised host

Your IP address has been recently used for spamming or flooding abuse. The most common reason for this is a virus or trojan infection. Read the information below to find out how to check and clean your computer.

If you are using a cafe, business or school network

We cannot see which computer on a network has the problem, so all computers must be checked. You should contact the network owner or administrator for help with this.

If you are using a GPRS or cell phone connection

Some GPRS providers share a single IP address with many customers, and we cannot see which one has the problem. If you get this message often, you should contact the provider for help, or use a different internet connection.

If you don't know the problem

There are many trojans and viruses that use your computer for proxies, spamming, flooding, and other abuse. Your computer is probably infected.

To scan and clean your computer, please use these tools:

1) Go to Microsoft Windows Update to update your computer and get patches for security problems. On that page, click the Express (Get high-priority updates) button, wait for it to scan your computer, then follow the instructions to install all critical updates. After it finishes, it will ask you to restart your computer. Do that and return to this page (you can save it in Favorites / bookmarks).

2) Use the Panda ActiveScan online virus scanner to check your computer for viruses and trojans. On that page, click the Scan your PC button and follow the instructions to install and run the scanner.

After you have cleaned your computer, wait a few hours for the ban to expire, then try to connect to DALnet again.

Software to keep your computer clean

To help keep your computer free of infection, here are some free tools you can install. They are always running and automatically update themselves to block the latest threats.

When you're on DALnet, you can also talk to the people in #NoHack to find out what tools will work best.

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