bahamut 2.0.2 released
Date: 21/02/2012
Author: brandon
DALnet would like to announce the release of bahamut 2.0.2, available at

The main new features of the 2.x tree are improved 64-bit support, and ipv6 support. Please note that in order to enable CIDR bans, you will have to specifically enable them in config.h.

2.0.2 is the result of several major bug fixes since the 2.0 release, including some core dumping when linking 2.0 to older versions of bahamut, fixing a bug with identd on FreeBSD, and some other minor fixes.

DALnet would also like to apologize for the poor communication regarding the bugs and issues with the earlier releases in the 2.x tree. As always, thanks for using DALnet, and thanks for your interest in the bahamut ircd.
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