Bahamut 2.0.6 Released
Date: 10/05/2013
Author: epiphani
Greetings all,

Bahamut 2.0.6 has been released with the following changes:

Kobi Shmueli (5):
Added SVSTAG command to let services add "tags" to users.
Added cmode +A (Auditorium mode).
Auditorium mode fixes (cmode +A)
Changed SVSTAG to send/receive umodes in text and fixed incorrect and
missing comments.
Changes to deal with bogus akills

Ned T. Crigler (2):
Fix 63 character hostname truncation.
Fix pasteo in find_userban_exact.

It can be downloaded at:

The official repository can be found at:

Please feel free to fork, fix, add features and submit patches!

md5: 0694b832c5a1e6dd51c55141e21c8ab6
sha1: 1c2040cf302a8c07614d9fe2643e0d89a17dc94c

Thanks to all that contributed!

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