Feedback required!
Date: 05/09/2014
Author: Kobi_S
Hi all,

We are considering to do a network wide event and want to hear your suggestions!

Here are the options we came up with so far:
0) Nothing
1) Meet DALnet's teams/staff
2) Services help sessions (NickServ & ChanServ & MemoServ)
3) Channel management session
4) DALnet technical Q&A

Your feedback will be much appreciated!

Type the following on DALnet:
/msg #uc 0 - for doing nothing
/msg #uc 1 - for doing a Meet DALnet's teams/staff event
/msg #uc 2 - for doing services help sessions (NickServ & ChanServ & MemoServ)
/msg #uc 3 - for doing a channel management session
/msg #uc 4 - for doing a (DALnet) technical Q&A session
/msg #uc 5 - for other suggestions! (write your own suggestion)


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