Changes to the expiration system
Date: 24/10/2014
Author: Kobi_S
Hi all,

We have changed the way our nickname expiration system works. Starting today, nicknames will no longer expire after 30 days. Instead, they will be marked as "Inactive".

When a nickname is marked as "Inactive", any user that is registered for more than one year may request it via the portal (Users --> Request a nickname).

When a nickname is requested, the current owner gets notified about it by email and they can come online to claim it (by identifying to NickServ).

If a requested nickname isn't claimed by the owner, services will let the one(s) who requested it a chance to register it.

If more than one person requested the nickname, services will randomly choose who to give it to.

A Q&A knowledge base article will be published soon at:

For the SRAs,

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