Bahamut 2.1.2 release
Date: 02/11/2018
Author: skill
Hi everyone,
We're pleased to announce the release of Bahamut 2.1.2 with the following changes:
- Increase the umode buffer on register_user() to prevent a possible buffer overflow
- Don't accept OPER commands from servers
- Cosmetic: mention that umode 0x00800 is free.
- Change UMODE_P to use 0x800
- Change all the umode(s) to long
- Let server admins see umodes with WHOIS (RPL_WHOISMODES)
- Let services change oper flags/modes with SVSMODE
- Don't complain about empty part messages (user/oper verbose)
- Change stripall() function to strip Hebrew characters as well
- Optimize stripall() function
- Change stripcolors() function to strip ASCII CODES 2-31
- Don't spam the network with the same channel topics
- Add NO_NICK_CHANGE xflag (XCF)
- Change send_umode() make sure the buffer isn't overflowed
- Increase sendnick_TS() function's umode buffer to 54 to be consistent with register_user()
- Fix a few compile warnings
- Don't check spamfilter if a user messages/notices themselves
- Add support for spamfilter id and use it on warnings when possible
- Cosmetic comment fix
- Add target support to spamfilter
- Add NO_UTF8 xflag (XCF)
- spamfilter ids must end with a "]"
- Let opers use STATS S to see the spamfilter list
- Add counter for spamfitler matches
- Change stripcolors() to strip ASCII CODE 1 too (CTCPs & actions)
- Make cmode +p useful again (+p channels will be hidden from /list but not from /whois)

It can be downloaded here:
sha1: 4a5ebfc095b1b3845289b6476f72a712bc35a204
md5: 1b2a8430ed7261b3c67af5e3ccdeb892

The official repository can be found here:

Please feel free to submit any issues or patches!

Thanks to all the contributors and enjoy!

Feel free to reach out to us via email or visit us in #bahamut (
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