Bahamut 2.1.5 release
Date: 28/05/2020
Author: skill
Hi DALnet,

The DALnet Coders Team is happy to announce that we have just released v2.1.5 of bahamut. This version includes quite a bit of new features and bug fixes as listed:

  • Check for local openssl installation first & rpath it too (PR 90)

  • USE_SYSLOG: Include nick!user at host in SSL errors (PR 91)

  • Add IRCERR_SSL to irc_get_sockerr() function (PR 91)

  • Treat normal connection closes by SSL users as such (PR 91)

  • Added new EXEMPT_WEBIRC XFLAG to exempt webirc users (PR 96)

  • Add half-ops support (PR 97)

  • Small fix to spamfilter's IDs (PR 98)

  • Check for default install directories in the configure script (PR 99)

  • Don't show servers to non-opers if show_links isn't enabled (PR 100)

  • Add the list of required packages to INSTALL (PR 102)

  • Add missing names to doc/Bahamut-team (PR 102)
    Change SVSUHM to support optional parameter to control umode +H (PR 95)

  • Add NO_LOCAL_CMODE_h define to disable local cmode +h/-h (PR 97)

  • Small fix to m_aj() for JOIN 0 (PR 104)

  • Fix for a potential bug on AJ where 0 (partall) argument is used (PR 112)

  • Fix a bug on QUIT where xflags weren't always checked (PR 113)

  • Improve user host-masking support for WHO & RWHO (PR 122)

  • Add SVSCTRL command to let services control services join requests (PR 130)

  • Added MAX_MSG_TIME XFLAG, sets a maximum amount of messages that can be sent to a channel in x seconds (PR 92)

  • Add in MAX_MSG_TIME to DEFAULT for m_svsxcf (PR 101)

  • Notify opers if the KILL flag was used on a spamfilter (PR 106)

  • Hide user's real host during topic changes if hostmasked (PR 117)

  • Fix our incorrect handling of IRC color code sequences (PR 118)

  • Update bahamut development credits with current team members (PR 119)

  • Fix SSL regression bug; only use libcrypto-compat code if SSL is enabled (thanks Colby Ross) (PR 120)

  • Add documentation for connect block "uflags" token (PR 121)

  • Add missing "P" to CHANMODES list (thanks, RuneB) (PR 125)

  • Fix /whois channel name truncation (thanks, brandon) (PR 126)

  • Allow squelched users to send messages to the services and stats addresses (PR 127)

  • Specify which channel the user cannot join (+R) or speak in (+M) (PR 128)

  • Fix compilation issues with OpenSSL version < 1.1.0 (PR 153)

  • Add AUDITORIUM flag to CHANMODES to comply with RFC (PR 108)

  • Spelling correction to rehash notification (PR 93)

Release tarball information:
SHA1 sum: 242d8cc6783804abee6b5e34f07b47925d021ccf
MD5 sum: 7fd7864ad03a2ce025dc8e0f161ec296

We would like to thank everyone who contributed towards this release. Without the community involvement, this would have not been possible. Please make sure to collaborate with the team via our GitHub page:


Emilio / skill
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