Bahamut 2.1.6 release
Date: 18/06/2020
Author: skill
Hi DALnet,

The DALnet Coders Team is happy to announce that we have just released v2.1.6 of bahamut. This version addresses two significant bugs and some minor modifications:

  • Fix broken /who +n due to bug introduced in 2.1.5 (PR #166)

  • Increase default key size for SSL setup script (PR #159)

  • Fix /stats n formatting (PR #132)

  • Fix spamfilter URL typo on template.conf (PR #157)

  • Allow local operators to UMODE +F (PR #149)

  • Add WEBIRC information to reference.conf (PR #140)

  • Update reference.conf for local oper UMODE F (PR #163)

Release tarball information:
SHA1 sum: 7783544c3ae59c73410f1230045854b26e7ed883
MD5 sum: f4a1f08361c960066642e65ce1f1742e

We would like to thank everyone who contributed towards this release. Without the community involvement, this would have not been possible. Please make sure to collaborate with the team via our GitHub page:

Emilio / skill
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