Forgot your Nick/Channel password? No problem!
Date: 11/07/2001
Author: xPsycho
We all know its the user's job to remember their nickname and channel passwords. But what happens in those rare occasions when our memory fails us, or we can't track down the place we wrote it down when we made our registration? Do we go and hunt down a hard working DALnet operator? Do we wait for what seems like forever in a help channel hoping that the operator will not think we are some crazy person trying to steal a password?

No, now we can send ourselves our own password at the e-mail address recorded for our nickname. Both NickServ and ChanServ now have a SENDPASS command that will generate an e-mail to the nickname holder's registered e-mail address, or the channel founder's registered e-mail address.

But don't worry that people will just start jamming your mailbox sending you your DALnet password! In order to correctly issue the command, you must supply Services with the current registered e-mail address. Remember it is your job to keep your e-mail address up to date with services. It is also your responsibility to keep both your password and e-mail address as private and confidential as you want to.

There are some built in restrictions to this as well. As forgetting your password is something that should happen rarely, we have put in safeguards that do not allow people to use the command over and over. Please use the SENDPASS command sparingly. And please note, a record of who issued the command will be sent to the person receiving the mail. Persons abusing this (and any other) command will have their access to DALnet restricted and/or removed.

For more information on this command, please read: /msg help sendpass and /msg help sendpass
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