Update about recent connection problems
Date: 12/08/2002
Author: wagahai
Recently many people have noticed it has been increasingly difficult to connect to the DALnet chat network. In an attempt to keep communications open with our users, we offer this explanation.

IRC networks like DALnet have a history of being the unwilling participants for tests of new denial of service attack tools. This past week has been no exception. During the attacks users will find that the network will not be as responsive as it normally is.. this will affect new connections to the network as well as people who are already connected.

As DALnet works through this round of attacks we appreciate your patience and patronage. Please refrain from speculation about the attacks or trying to confront people who you believe are behind it. If you have information to offer, please use this web form to submit it to us:

- Aaron / Wagahai
- DALnet Hostmaster lead
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