Bahamut 1.8.5 Released
Date: 15/03/2009
Author: Milky
Hello DALnetizens!

DALnet and it's development team are pleased to announce the release of Bahamut 1.8.5.

All changes can be found in the changelog.

Bahamut 1.8.5 (and previous versions) are available to download now from the Bahamut page.

Update: 16/03/09 09:00 GMT - [ FIXED]

A bug regarding the mode +c has been identified. Certain characters, such as arabic, are not being transmitted when +c is active. The DALnet Coders team are aware of the issue, and are working on a fix at present. A further update will be provided when a fix is released.

DALnet recommends you set -c if you encounter this issue.

Further help can be obtained from one of the recomended help channels.

[FIXED] - This issue has now been fixed in Bahamut 1.8.6 which is now available for download.
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