Malaysian Connection Problems
Date: 30/04/2009
Author: lorddracula
***UPDATE*** 5 May 2009: We have reports from Malaysian users that they are able to connect to and If you are connecting from Malaysia and are having difficulty, try /server 6667 or /server 6667


It has come to our attention that some Malaysian users are having difficulties connecting to DALnet. Some users are confused, and believe that DALnet has instituted a ban against Malaysian ISP(s). This is generally not the case. If you are banned, you will see a specific DALnet akill message with a reason and a link to more information on DALnet's website.

It seems that Telekom Malaysia has instituted some sort of change which prevents or interferes with connections to IRC for certain users. Unfortunately, there is nothing DALnet can do to assist in this problem, as we have no way to diagnose it. We aren't sure if the problem is related to connecting to certain geographic locations (US/Canada vs Europe), or some other issue. The issue is on Telekom Malaysia's side.

If you are having difficulty connecting, you should try connecting to, and also connecting directly to some of the public servers in the US (,, and Europe (,, If you still can't connect, and aren't getting a DALnet-specific ban message, you will need to contact your ISP to let them know you're having a problem.

Best of luck, and thank you for using DALnet!
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