New help channel: #jmirchelp
Date: 25/11/2009
Author: Kobi_S
Hi all,

The Help Committee presents a new help channel - #jmirchelp. This channel
is specializing in helping users who connect to DALnet using one or another
java client from their mobile device.

With the increasing interest of using your cell phone (mobile device) to
surf the net and use it as a chat platform, we feel there can be a need of a
channel within this area.

Here are some words from the founder explaining the purpose of the channel:
"We offer general help about the jmirc client and other related mobile java
clients. We will offer general help regarding mobile java clients with such
issues as settings, commands, and shortcuts. We will NOT help with editing
the original jmirc client itself."

We wish good luck to eDdYk0nG and his channel #jmirchelp.
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