Services changes
Date: 16/02/2010
Author: MSofty
DALnet is pleased to announce the following changes to its' user services:

1) Indonesian language pack has been added. Feel free to try it with the "/NickServ LANG ID" command. Special thanks to moonlite for writing it!
2) We removed some confusing notices about NickServ SET ENFORCE that were sent on nickname registrations.
3) Founders can no longer be added to AOP/SOP/AKICK lists.
4) NickServ SET URL command now supports https:// URLs.

Special thanks to Kobi for helping provide coding assistance on these items.

If you have any suggestion or request for a services (NickServ/ChanServ/MemoServ) feature, feel free to suggest it on our services mailing list: dalnet-services@

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