Bahamut 1.8.8 released!
Date: 03/05/2010
Author: epiphani
Greetings All,

The coding team is proud to announce the release of Bahamut 1.8.8.
Most notably, this release provides client-side support for SSL
connections, and numerous small fixes and updates.

This release is considered a "slow deployment" release, due to some of
the changes involved. DALnet Admins are free to roll out this update,
but at this time there is no mandatory upgrade schedule. One will
likely be announced in several weeks. The intention is to have slow
growth of deployment base in order to come to an understanding of
impact of SSL and other options to the behavior of the network.

The new tarball can be downloaded at

Thank you to Kobi and Ned for their contributions. The following changes have been made in summary:

Kobi Shmueli (19):
Added SSL initialization and rehashing stuff
Added the needed changes for SSL to acutally work
Added flags support for the port block and mark SSL users with SSL on the umode +c notice
Added & make-cert.cnf to create the server certificate
Added SSL umode/cmode/flag
Let users/opers message +o users even if the sender is +R
Fixed NO_USER_STATS to allow /stats from u:lined servers
Rakarra's opernick patch
Let server admins set a maxrecvq per class block (take #2)
Added SVSPANIC (Stops users from sending commands to services).
Make kill -HUP remove all throttles.
Added umode +C
Re-added CHANKILL from the old 1.8.4-trunk (I think Quension wrote it).
Changed SVSHOLD to support channels.
Let SVSCLONE override local clone limits too.
Let services change hosts (take #5)
dccallow fix
Re-added the SERVICESHUB sutff with conf flags

Ned T. Crigler (2):
Force the cached banserial of a user to be updated on a SVSNICK.
Remove the use of ircsprintf.

epiphani (6):
Update docs to reflect SSL configuration support
Move make-cert tools into the tools directory
Fix up some templating and configure script stuff to make SSL tools install cleanly
Allow port definitions that do not perform DNS or ident checks.
Update notifcations for failed OPER attempts
Update TODO and Patchlevel. This is 1.8.7.

We just released Bahamut 1.8.8 to fix a few issues that presented quckly in 1.8.7 - specifically:

- one case of user-triggered crash with a null-pointer dereference in dccallow code
- an installation issue on freebsd with sed

Sorry for the confusion and please use the new version.
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