New Feature: SSL For Users
Date: 18/05/2010
Author: brandon
As many of you have noticed, there have been a number of splits and server restarts in recent weeks as we upgrade all of our servers to the latest version of bahamut, 1.8.8. The most notable and user-impacting change for this version is the addition of client SSL support, and a channel mode (+S) that only allows SSL-encrypted clients to join.

We've been getting a lot of questions about this, so I hope this news article clears some things up for you.

Client SSL means that you can optionally connect to DALnet using SSL encryption. This means that your conversations are encrypted between the IRC server and your client.

There are three things that are required for you to be able to connect to DALnet using SSL:
1) You must be using an IRC client that is able to use SSL.
2) You must be connecting to a server running at least bahamut 1.8.7 or higher.
3) You must be connecting to the SSL-enabled port on that server. For DALnet, we are using port 6697 for client SSL connections.

For requirement 1, the method/syntax of connecting via SSL depends on your IRC client, and some IRC clients do not support SSL out of the box. mIRC, for example, requires the installation of SSL libraries on your computer before it will work. For more information on how to connect using SSL with your client, consult your client's website, help files, or help channels on IRC.

For requirement 2, you can check the version of any server by typing /version . For example, to check the version of, you could type /version, or /version hash.*

For requirement 3, just make sure you are connecting to port 6697 in your IRC client.

Please note that not all of the servers have been upgraded yet - you may find that port 6697 isn't working if you happen to be trying to connect to a server running an older version of bahamut, or if you try to connect to and it happens to place you on a server that hasn't upgraded yet.

If you have meet the requirements above and are still having trouble, please feel free to reach out to a DALnet staff member for assistance. We will do our best to verify that the issue is not with the server, and can try to point you in the direction of further help for your client.

We also have an article up here with more specific client information:

Please bear with us as we continue to upgrade our servers - we do apologize for any inconvenience this causes you.

As always, thank you for using DALnet!
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