New services features!
Date: 27/05/2010
Author: MSofty
We are pleased to announce the following additions to our user services:
1) Channel managers - Founders can now add up to 5 managers to their channel. Managers have *almost* full control over the channel with the exception of changing the channel's foundership. Visit for more information.
2) MemoServ ignores - Users can now prevent specific users/masks from sending them memos. See /MemoServ HELP IGNORE for more information.

As a side effect, ChanServ ACC command's replies have been changed. The new replies are:
-2 = Channel is frozen or closed
-1 = User is autokicked from the channel.
0 = User has normal access.
10 = User has AOP access.
20 = User has SOP access.
30 = User has MANAGER access.
40 = User has founder access via a NickServ access list mask
50 = User has founder access via identification to NickServ
60 = User has founder access via identification to ChanServ

Also, the NickServ SET ENFORCE command has been completely removed. All fully-registered nicks are now always "enforced".

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