Bahamut 1.8.9 released
Date: 18/06/2010
Author: Kobi_S
Hi all,

The DALnet Coding Team has released Bahamut 1.8.9.

This release is a small patch release, consisting of several small bug fixes and updates. Most notably, this resolves an issue with SSL connections being dropped incorrectly under certain load situations.

The updated software can be downloaded at:
md5: e1a2b6ffab3c7a88bdd0a3561da4e5ee
sha1: 64b783ed04983bb1f5ea2b75b3a479888413fb3e

This release consists of the following changes:

Kobi Shmueli (2):
Made make install copy make-cert.cnf to INSTALL_DIR.
Fixed a memleak bug on SVSHOST if used twice on the same user (reported by DiAvOl).

Ned T. Crigler (1):
Fix safe_ssl_read/safe_ssl_write to return 1 for EWOULDBLOCK/EAGAIN.

epiphani (4):
Fix regression in make install
Fix badly declared bircmodule_free() in hooks header
Update build_version for more common version string
Significant update of autoconf/configure scripts
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