Services update
Date: 17/07/2010
Author: MSofty
The following changes were released today as part of our ongoing services updates:

* MemoServ SENDCHAN - Lets users send channel memos to specific access lists (founder always gets a copy).

* ChanServ LISTOPS - Lets AOPs+ list all the AOPs/SOPs/managers/founder of a channel with one command.

* MemoServ READ NEW - Lets users read all of their new memos (20 memos each time).

Two more user-affecting changes:

* Users will no longer be able to fake channel memos with "/MemoServ SEND nick #channel >> messagge", MemoServ will show non-channel memos as "normal memos".

* Users sometimes reported memos "disappearing" even though they were present. This caching bug should now be fixed.

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