Set up your free channel web page!
Date: 26/08/2000
Author: taz
DALnet's at it again! Expanding on the project of giving registered users free web space, we'd like to extend the same feature to the owners of registered channels. It's simple to set up and a great way to spread the word about your channel.

Figuring out your URL is really simple. If your channel name is #beefcows, your URL would be and that's it. It is extremely important that you don't include the # in your channel name. This is a special character to your browser and will bring up a different web page if entered. Again, if your channel is #cowbeef, your URL is

Now that you've figured out your URL, it's a snap to upload some content on there. We don't offer a web based design system and the DALnet administration doesn't design web pages either so please don't ask us for help. This is your project. The only way to put content on your web page is to use an FTP client. Your FTP host will be, your username is your channel name, password is your channel password. After you log in, go ahead and place your web page there or anything else you'd like to display about your channel. That's it!

Now a few quick notes. First, you're limited to 5 megs of space. Any upload over the 5 meg limit won't save. Next, if your DALnet channel expires, your web page is deleted. If you lose your DALnet channel password we will not be held responsible for your web page. This is a service we offer with very limited support for the time being so please keep that in mind. Help Channel operators WILL NOT be able to help you with any sort of home page issues so please don't ask! If your password doesn't work, give it a day. It takes one day for a newly registered channel to enter the database.

Finally, DALnet reserves the right to view, modify or delete any content uploaded to its' servers. Illegal mp3 and pirated software uploads will not be tolerated. DALnet also reserves the right to to display a single advertisment on the top or bottom of any web page hosted by it's servers. (At this time, we aren't serving any ads though.)

-dalnet's users team
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