Bahamut 2.0 released
Date: 04/09/2011
Author: Kobi_S
The DALnet Coding Team has released Bahamut 2.0.0.
The following announcement was sent by epiphani:
Greetings All,

One year and two days after the release of Bahamut 1.8.9, we've
released Bahamut 2.0.0.

This update contains full IPv6 support and cleans up issues with
64-bit builds, as well as a number of small changes. Below is the
full change list, and I'd like to extend special thanks to Ned and
Emilio for IPv6 and 64-bit fixes respectively.

DALnet Admins: You are free to upgrade on your own timetables.
However, this is essential: do NOT configure any v6 listeners until
it has been cleared with the coding team and SRA. Until the entire
network is upgraded, IPv6 support MUST not be used.

The software is available at:

md5: 0bd76ca5335cbdb63a211eb46cebd895
sha1: 35dc9e64eda0c16509317056da357e86570f5e22

Thank you all!

---- Bahamut 1.8.9 -> 2.0.0 ChangeLog ---

Emilio Escobar (4):
Fix SIGSEGV in vsprintf when compiled in 64-bit
Added check for Linux to use /dev/urandom instead of
/dev/random. BSD /dev/random does not block like it does on Linux.
Fixed va_free statements and modified prefix_buffer to use copy
of va_list to keep original defined.
Added needed va_end

Juan Baez (1):
Fixed problem with initconf() where the function would not call
fclose after it was done with the config file.

Kobi Shmueli (2):
Re-added SVSNOOP to let services temporary disable all o:lines
on a given server.
Support for nick!user@host topics, requires capab NICKIPSTR.

Ned T. Crigler (24):
Add NICKIPSTR capability.
Move zero IP checking into clones_add/clones_remove.
Add cipntoa, a function to return a client's IP address as a string.
Introduce the possibility of multiple address families.
Make clones.c support non-IPv4 addresses.
Refactor the functions in s_auth.c in preparation for IPv6 client support.
Refactor the functions in s_bsd.c in preparation for IPv6 client support.
Allow IPv6 clients to connect to the server.
Change the resolver to use a larger maximum hostname length.
Use improved hashing algorithms in the resolver.
Refactor the functions in res.c in preparation for IPv6 support.
Make resolving IPv6 hostnames work for clients.
Fix some problems found on FreeBSD 6.4
Fix relaying of NICKIPSTR NICK messages.
Fix some issues when receiving a numeric IP address from a server.
Reindent and cleanup lookup_confhost.
Allow connections to and from IPv6 servers.
Allow colons in klines.
Add bitncmp and inet_parse_cidr.
Add CIDR support to channel bans, O:lines and I:lines.
Add IPv6 CIDR support to /who and /rwho.
Add IPv6 CIDR support to klines.
Silence some warnings found on FreeBSD 8.2
Fix various problems with non-standard build configurations.

epiphani (6):
Fix compatibility with gcc 2.95 in zlink header include order
Update 005 numeric with +S channel mode
Fix misspelled file name
Allow Opers to view the state of +l and +k from outside the channel
Don't allow banned users to change topics on -t channels.
Update patchlevel. This is 2.0.0
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