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ChanServ SOP

A SuperOp is a user with high privileges on a channel; the main one being that they can add AutoOps and Akicks to the channel list. Others include any setting the founder of the channel may set to SOps or higher.

ADD - Adds new SOp nickname or user mask to list.
DEL - Deletes SOp from channel list.
LIST - Lists SOps with index number.
XLIST - Lists SOps with more information.
WIPE - Clears SOp list.

Note that only the Founder and Manager can use WIPE.

Command: /ChanServ SOP (channel) (add/del/list/xlist/wipe) [nickname/user@host/index #] [reason]
Example: /chanserv sop #docsteam add bandit
/chanserv sop #docsteam del entropi
/chanserv sop #docsteam wipe
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