DALnet Services - NickServ DROP
NickServ DROP

If you want to unregister a nickname, then you should use the DROP command. When issuing this command, NickServ will immediately halt all management of the specified nickname. After issuing the drop command, an email is sent to the currently set email for the nick. This email contains an authorization code that has to be copied and pasted while connected to DALnet or via the websystem to confirm the drop request process.

Before using this command you must use the IDENTIFY command with the nickname password. Please note that after dropping a nickname, it becomes available for immediate registration by someone else, so exercise caution when using this command.

If after dropping a nickname, someone else registers it, you cannot reclaim that nickname until the new owner lets it expire or drops it.

Command: /NickServ DROP (nickname)
Example: /nickserv drop cupid
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