DALnet Services - ChanServ ACCESS

With this command, you can view your channel status. The nickname parameter is optional. If none is entered, this field defaults to yourself. Here are the possible results:

-2 - Channel is frozen or closed
-1 - User is AKicked from channel
0 - User has no access to channel
5 - User has VOp status to channel
10 - User has AOp status on channel
20 - User has SOp status on channel
30 - User has Manager status on channel
40 - Has Founder access via a NickServ access list mask
50 - Has Founder access via identification to NickServ
60 - Has Founder access via identification to ChanServ

Command: /ChanServ ACCESS (channel) [nickname]
Example: /chanserv access #docsteam
/chanserv access #docsteam MirclMax
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