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NickServ GHOST

Sometimes, especially if the network is unstable, or you get disconnected you may end up with a ghosted nickname. What that means is that although you have quit, the IRC server did not receive your quit, and has not released your nickname. It will still appear on any channels you were, and if you do a /whois you will see it has your internet address and your username.

You can retrieve this "ghosted" nickname by using the GHOST command.

Use of the password might or might not be required. If your current address is on the access list, then you do not need to use the password. If your current address is not in the access list, then you must supply the nickname password.

NickServ will then reply saying that the nickname was killed, at which time you can change your nick to your old nickname and continue chatting.

Command: /NickServ GHOST (nickname) [password]
Example: /nickserv ghost bear eXone.45
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Make sure your nick's email address is still valid so you'll be able to recover your password if needed. /NickServ HELP SET EMAIL