DALnet Services - NickServ REGISTER

The REGISTER command allows you to register a nickname with NickServ, and have NickServ protect it.

Note the fact that the desired nickname does not appear anywhere on this command. NickServ will attempt to register the nickname you are currently using. Also note that the password is case sensitive. This means that A123 and a123 are different. After issuing the register command, an email is sent to the adress you set for the nick. This email contains an authorization code to complete the registration process. This code has to be copied and pasted while connected to DALnet or via the websystem to confirm the registration of your nick. During the registration process you will be ask for a "text captcha" in order to prevent abuse. If you have any issues, please take a look at at http://www.dal.net/kb/view.php?kb=188 for help.

Please make sure you note your nickname password and do not give it away to anyone. The DALnet staff will not ask for your password. You can tell they are actually DALnet officials by using the /whois command, and see if they are an IRC Operator. If you forget your nickname password, please head to #OperHelp and ask for a CSOP. They can help you retrieve your password.

Nicknames will automatically expire after 30 days of absence. Please take a look at: http://www.dal.net/kb/view.php?kb=273

Command: /NickServ REGISTER
Example: /nickserv register HAwaii.662 alligator@gatorsrus.com
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If you have more than one nickname, you can use the /MemoServ FORWARD command to forward memos to your primary nickname