DALnet Services - ChanServ VOP
ChanServ VOP

A VoiceOp is a user with higher privileges on a channel then a normal user, but they dont have access to change settings of the channel.

ADD - Adds new VOP nickname or user mask to list.
DEL - Deletes VOP from channel list.
LIST - Lists VOP with index number.
XLIST - lists the AutoVoice access list with more information.
WIPE - Clears VOP list.

Note that only the Founder and Manager can use WIPE.

Command: /ChanServ VOP (channel) (add/del/list/xlist/wipe) [nickname/user@host/index #] [reason]
Example: /chanserv vop #docsteam add bandit
/chanserv vop #docsteam del entropi
/chanserv vop #docsteam wipe
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