America Online banned from DALnet
Date: 03/03/2001
Author: MirclMax
As of Sunday, March 4, America Online will be banned from the DALnet IRC Network.

This ban is in response to repeated and continued abuse and policy violations from AOL users. DALnet has tried repeatedly to contact AOL`s IRC Abuse department, but has received no response. We now feel that AOL has no interest in dealing with the abuse, and that DALnet is left on its own to deal with the problem. We do not like banning entire domains, but with AOL`s refusal to open a dialog with us, DALnet has no choice but to deny AOL any access to DALnet`s network.

This is not the first time we have needed to take such action against America Online. Similar action was required to be taken against AOL in December 1999. Approximately 1 month later, AOL started working with DALnet to resolve the abusive situation. However, over the course of the past year, they have stopped responding to reports of abuse by their users. DALnet must take this action to protect its remaining users.

AOL users are asked to direct their complaints to AOL`s IRC Abuse Department at The Administration from AOL can reach the DALnet K-Line Registry via e-mail at

(03.09.01 Edit) Additionally, you may want to try to contact AOL through their web interface.
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