DALnet fights spam!
Date: 03/10/2018
Author: Kobi_S
Hi all,

We're happy to announce that DALnet is adding a new feature called "spamfilter" that will help us in the fight against spam.

SpamFilter is a new addition to DALnet's IRCd (Bahamut) which was released a few weeks ago, it is very flexible, and spam can be identified in private messages, notices, kick messages, quit messages, channel topics, away messages, channel messages, and channel part messages.

Basically, if a particular piece of spam message is in our database, it can be recognized and dealt with.

Please note that no human will see your messages or be able to read them (unless they were triggered as spam).

This is a purely automated system, and experienced IRC Operators (mostly CSops) will be the only people who can add spam to the database.

SpamFilter will be DEFAULT ON for everyone (all users and all channels). While we believe most of you will like this feature, some of you may not want to use it (for one reason or another) so we have added an option to opt-out:
If you do not want SpamFilter protection on your nick, just type /mode yournick +P
If you do not want SpamFilter protection on your channel, type /mode #channel +P
This will mean that any messages going to you or your channel will not be screened by the database.

A Q&A knowledge base article will be published soon at: https://www.dal.net/kb/view.php?kb=411

For the SRAs,

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